Bato-Craft Limited is a construction company duly incorporated under the Companies and Allied Matters act. We are dedicated to providing exceptional service delivery in Building and Engineering Construction. With an established team of highly experienced and highly motivated professional, Bato-Craft is dedicated to:

- Creating a loyal and satisfied customer base through the provision of innovative and high quality engineering services, delivered in a cost effective and timely manner.

- Becoming a leading player and driver of innovative engineering services.

- Having a presence in key aspects of the economy where quality engineering services are needed.

- Creating and effectively managing a pool of world class professionals, who are committed to customer satisfaction, innovative solutions and continuous improvement in service delivery.

- Innovative concepts and methods.

- Quality engineering products and services.

- Highest levels of professionalism and integrity in all aspects of business conduct.



We are fully aware of our responsibilities and importance of our contribution to the success of the business.

We will always strive towards achieving our accountabilities; understand how our role contributes to your business success.  


We are always challenged to look for a better way We will always promote and encourage innovation, listen to ideas and communicate responses, share knowledge and suggestions that could lead to improvement.  


We are proud of our work and the integrity of our services. We will always speak positively about our company. Demand high standards.  


We are committed to fulfilling our obligation of building a better, stronger and more durable company for future generations and protecting the Bato-Craft brand.  




           - Soil Investigation
           - Foundation Design
           - Building Design
           - Property Management
           - Project Management
           - Development consulting services
           - Building Production Management

           - Pile Construction
           - Building Construction
           - Building Renovation / Alteration work
           - Road Construction and Rehabilitation
           - Production and Installation of Paving Stone
           - Telecommunications Civil Support Works
           - General Sub-structural and Earth works
           - Property Refurbishment


           - Design and Build